SIR Bonds

Similar to a conventional completion bond except that the completion guarantor only covers losses exceeding a certain specified amount (the self-insured retention or “SIR”), which must first be funded by or on behalf of the production company. The SIR amount usually ranges between 5%-20% of the total budget. SIR Bonds are designed for exceptionally well-capitalized production companies that are inclined to take a portion of completion and delivery risk. The premium for an SIR bond can be considerably lower than that for an equivalent conventional completion bond.


A program for producers, lenders, and investors that are willing to fully self-insure the completion and delivery of their project and still want UniFi to thoroughly review and evaluate the production personnel and plan, and to avail themselves of many of UniFi’s oversight skills. Customers have the flexibility to determine the scope and duration of the advisory services they need from UniFi and pay for only what they need.


A program for producers, lenders, and investors that are involved with an unbonded production that is faced with significant complications, obstacles or setbacks. UniFi’s staff has the expertise, knowledge, and experience to evaluate and troubleshoot all on-going difficulties and offer meaningful, practical, affordable, and immediate advice and solutions. The cost for these services will depend on the nature, scale, and scope of the production problems that need fixing.