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Who We Are

Find out who we are and why our customers repeatedly choose UniFi

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Unrivaled Service and Support

Our customers are our most valued asset and their satisfaction is the key to UniFi’s success. We are committed to building long-standing relationships with independent film, television and new media producers, financiers and investors. We work hard, fast and smart to provide our customers with the single best customer experience. We understand no two customers are alike and each has different requirements. Being a small, boutique completion guarantor lets us make you our top priority and customize our service and support to match your unique needs. We recognize motion picture production can be interesting, stimulating and even inspiring but nonetheless hectic, demanding, challenging and distressing. We are here to help and collaborate.
We can be an indispensable resource for production information and assistance. When needed, we will freely give customers our advice, guidance and recommendations on production logistics, personnel, vendors, locations and more.
We strive to simplify, streamline and expedite what can otherwise be a demanding and time-consuming process, helping you to quickly close your production financing arrangements.
Our commitment to you does not end when the completion bond is issued. We stay involved and continue to monitor the progress of your production through its completion and delivery. We remain available to always offer our support and troubleshoot unusual or challenging conditions – whenever and wherever they may arise.

Excellent Financial Strength and Ratings

onebeaconUUniFi is the general managing underwriter of film, television and new media completion bonds for OneBeacon Insurance Group (OneBeacon). OneBeacon provides insurance solutions for the entertainment industry and other specialty markets. It consistently receives excellent financial strength ratings indicating its outstanding performance and ability to meet its policyholders’ claims. One Beacon has a dedicated claims department with the expertise and experience to investigate and resolve any claim that may arise under our completion bonds. They will provide the forms, instructions and assistance needed to process any claim. The UniFi team will provide its collective expertise, knowledge and experience to help to ensure every claim is properly adjusted and quickly paid.
Our completion bonds are currently being issued directly by Atlantic Specialty Insurance Company (ASIC). ASIC is an admitted carrier and one of OneBeacon’s highly-rated, financially strong insurers. ASIC takes full responsibility for paying 100% of any completion bond losses. Accordingly, your financiers and investors need only verify ASIC’s excellent financial strength rating and do not need to scrutinize the financial strength ratings of numerous reinsurers. You and your financiers and investors will not be forced to separately resolve and enforce any claim by multiple actions against multiple reinsurers in multiple places. This structure, which differs from other completion bond companies, is designed to give you and your financiers and investors extreme legal and financial protection and security.

Specialized Expertise and Experience


s a team, we have provided completion bonds and related services for several hundreds of movies. Our staff specializes in physical production, production finance, post-production, visual effects and CGI, distribution by all means and media, delivery and business affairs. Though we support productions small and large, we are qualified to assist filmmakers and producers in managing and completing even the most complicated productions.

At UniFi, we promote both the unique qualifications of our individual staff members and the unity of teamwork. Every member of our Production and Business Affairs departments will be familiar with your production so you can benefit from their collective knowledge, expertise and experience.  Whenever possible, we will assign the same executives to manage your account to help foster trust, communication, cooperation and expediency.  We are dedicated to providing the single best customer experience by offering you individually-tailored and top-priority service and support from pre-production through completion and delivery.

Members of our in-house Production Department have their own line-producing experience.  They too are familiar with everyday production pressures and exigencies. They are adept at finding inspired and collaborative solutions to routine complications as well as the most demanding and challenging conditions.

Members of our in-house Business Affairs Department will quickly and expertly prepare and negotiate the Completion GuarantyCompletion Agreement and related documents. They can expertly deal with a wide range of production financing structures, from simple to complex, including domestic and international presales; senior, mezzanine, gap and equity financing; production tax credits; and governmental subsidies and rebates.

We have strong and long-standing industry relationships with banks, financiers, studios, producers, production service companies, domestic and international distributors, payroll companies, risk and asset management advisers, insurance agents and brokers, insurance companies, accounting and law firms, talent agencies, laboratories, suppliers and more.

Outstanding Capacity

Our expertise and experience together with OneBeacon’s strong financial capacity and rating allows us to bond film, television and new media productions of all genres and at all budget sizes including heavy action and visual effects-driven blockbusters.

Global Reach

No geographical location is beyond our reach. We can service and support you wherever in the world you choose to shoot and post, even when the crew must traverse practical locations in several cities, states or countries. Upon request, one of our production executives will visit you on location during preproduction or production. Whenever you will need our support for an extended period we will find skilled local production representatives to assist you. Moreover, once post is complete, we can help you deliver your production to theatrical, non-theatrical, television, home video and new media distributors and broadcasters located around the world.

Highly Competitive Pricing

By keeping a small but extremely experienced staff and low overhead expenses, we can offer our customers tailor-made service and support at an extremely reasonable price. Contact us for your personalized quote.